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Cookie Policy

1. Cookies and similar technologies

Katalysen Ventures AB (publ) (“Katalysen”)uses cookies and similar tracking technologies (jointly called “cookies”)on our website to ensure the functionality of the website and to improve your experience when visiting our website. Below is a detailed explanation of how we use cookies and which choices you can make regarding our cookies.

Also, please refer to Katalysen’s Privacy Notice for further information about how we at Katalysen process personal data, including when using cookies.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing information that is stored on your computer, mobile or tablet. Some are necessary for you to be able to make full use of the website’s functionality, while others are used to enhance your user experience and facilitate navigation on the website.

3. What types of cookies do we use?

We use a cookie to administrate our cookie banner as well as other essential cookies which are necessary for the website to function properly (“essential cookies”).

Currently, Katalysen does not use any third-party cookies for analytics purposes.

Cookies stay on your device for different periods depending on the purpose of the cookie. For example, a cookie that is necessary for the website to operate will only exist on your device whilst you use the website. A cookie that is used for analytics purposes will, on the other hand, be retained even after you’ve ended your visit.

Katalysen would only use non-essential cookies when you have given your consent.

4. How can you control Katalysen’s use of cookies?

When you enter our website, a cookiebanner will appear with general information about our use of cookies on ourwebsite. You are given the choice to consent to use of all cookies, i.e. bothessential and non-essential cookies, or to only consent to use of essentialcookies. If you choose the latter, we will not use non-essential cookies.

5. Changes to our Tracking Technology Notice

Katalysen may update this notice by publishingchanges on its website. If we require your consent, we will request it the nexttime you visit our website.

Date of last change: November 29, 2023

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