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From Danske Bank to the UN, portfolio venture VALEGA is a helping DeFi flourish

October 20, 2023
In August of this year, Katalysen announced a deal with fast-growing digital forensics company VALEGA Chain Analytics. In this text, you will be introduced to the company and its recent achievements.In August of this year, Katalysen announced a deal with fast-growing digital forensics company VALEGA Chain Analytics. In this text, you will be introduced to the company and its recent achievements.

In August of this year, Katalysen announced a deal with fast-growing digital forensics company VALEGA Chain Analytics. In this text, you will be introduced to the company and its recent achievements.

In parallel with the ongoing digitalization of conventional financial markets, blockchain-based industries are experiencing steady and notable advancements. Both blockchain and web3 sectors have witnessed significant improvements in terms of accessibility and consumer awareness. This surge has driven the widespread adoption of Decentralised Finance (DeFi) among mainstream corporations, traditional institutions, and even governmental bodies.

In response to the rapidly growing global community of over 500 million blockchain users, numerous companies and institutions are striving to catch up. However, only a handful have a well-defined roadmap for regulatory compliance, and even fewer possess the necessary tools to enforce their laws, policies, and protect the interests of their customers, clients, and citizens. This is precisely why major corporate and governmental entities are increasingly turning to VALEGA for guidance.

VALEGA, headquartered in Helsinki, first gained recognition following a 2020 Forbes article uncovering those behind the Twitter hack. After conducting a meticulous evaluation of VALEGA's services, its underlying technology, and, most importantly, the exceptional team behind it, Katalysen is firmly convinced that VALEGA is a hidden gem within the emerging economic landscape. Not only does VALEGA meet industry standards, but it also stands as a frontrunner in meeting the escalating demand for user-friendly yet sophisticated tools.

VALEGA initially catered to client segments within the virtual asset exchange and blockchain industries, collaborating with industry leaders in the Nordics. With the advent of new regulations, VALEGA has strategically evolved, capitalizing on its profound expertise to venture into new market segments, fostering innovation and forming strategic partnerships.

Since 2022, VALEGA has shifted its focus from primarily serving crypto institutions to a diversified clientele. This expansion has enabled VALEGA to share its knowledge and expertise with esteemed financial institutions such as Danske Bank and Nordea, alongside a spectrum of law and accounting firms across the UK, Finland, and Norway. Moreover, their influence has seamlessly extended into the sphere of business intelligence services, thereby enhancing operations across various global sectors, including the UK, Hong Kong, and the UAE, through partnerships with organizations like Softronic and Alaco.

In 2023, VALEGA experienced a significant surge in customer acquisitions in these regions and is now extending its services to government agencies, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions. To further fortify its position, the company made the strategic decision to merge with Alaco Analytics, a portfolio company of Katalysen Ventures. Alaco Analytics, a corporate offspring of the well-established Alaco, specializes in traditional forensics. This merger between VALEGA and Alaco Analytics marks a noteworthy deal for Katalysen, particularly in the relatively conservative landscape of 2023, and represents a substantial addition to Katalysen's portfolio of ventures.

VALEGA's influential footprint extends beyond its traditional market segments, with collaborative efforts reaching renowned policing and intelligence organizations throughout Europe and even extending to the United States. These strategic alliances have reinforced global initiatives, establishing VALEGA as a trusted advisor to prominent organizations such as the UN Office of Drugs and Crime, The Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, The Digital Asset Task Force, and the European Cyberspace Programme.

Sven Martinsson CEO VALEGA: "Our recent synergistic partnership with Alaco symbolizes a remarkable milestone, heralding an era of expanded offerings and a diversified client portfolio. This collaboration is the culmination of relentless dedication and unparalleled expertise, paving the way for a global exploration of business intelligence, cipher intelligence, effective financial compliance, and financial due diligence. Through this alliance, made possible with our partner Katalysen Ventures, we are poised to unveil new horizons, driving transformative advancements in the ever-evolving global market landscape."
Peter Almberg, CEO Katalysen: "The moment we reach a global and predictable regulation such as MiCA (EU) and the VASP Licensing Regime (HK) the traditional finance industry will have to be quick to approach this new opportunity. We are already seeing major players positioning themself in a way so they will be in pole position when the moment arrives. We want to be in that position now through VALEGA”

The next step for Valega is to expand its team to ensure its level of quality and service regardless of the number of clients. For that reason the company has recently opened a financial round and will offer an opportunity to invest and join the VALEGA journey.

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